"Men in Underpants and Debauchery": Russians are hysterical about the first semi-final of Eurovision-2023, but they pretend not to care

On Tuesday, May 9, the first semi-final of Eurovision 2023 took place in Liverpool. The contest, as always, was not without flamboyant participants and vivid performances on stage. The Russians, who are famous for their absolutely unhealthy conservatism and extremely homophobic attitudes, were really hysterical about the show.

Because of the war in Ukraine, Russia is not allowed to participate in the contest, so now the citizens of the terrorist country are trying to prove with all their might that they don't care about the Eurovision Song Contest. So indifferent, in fact, that propaganda websites devote whole columns to it, in which they praise "painted men in underpants and debauchery on stage.

The most absurd thing is that Russian pseudo-journalists link the epatage on the Eurovision stage with the absence of Russia from the contest. The headlines read as follows: "Painted Men in Panties: what happened to Eurovision Without Russia" or "How Eurovision 2023 Passes without Russia: men in Panties with painted lips, debauchery, rockets and Scandal over a Trifle.


But even more ludicrous is how "naturally" Russians are "happy" that they will never be invited to Eurovision again.

"Here you are sleeping and don't know what's going on in Europe. By the way, on May 9th, the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest was held there, which is a thing of the past for Russia. Disputes about the song "Russian Woman" performed by Manija from Tajikistan, the second coming of Sergei Lazarev, resentment for unfair voting that was steeped in politics, and the indispensable Philip Kirkorov in the front row - how quickly it all lost its luster and became somehow unimportant," the aggressors convince themselves.

And how can the propagandists do without mentioning NATO in their articles? As you know, the first place in the bookmakers' rating is occupied by the singer Loreen from Sweden, who has already won the competition in 2012. And the second place is predicted for the flamboyant Käärijä from Finland with the dynamic song Cha Cha Cha. If you have not yet grasped the connection between these contestants and the North Atlantic Alliance, the inadequate Russians have already done it for you.


"Everyone is betting on Finland to win this year, and conspiracy theorists believe that this is a gift to the Finns for their recent membership in NATO. Another favorite is Sweden, which (coincidentally!) has also applied to the North Atlantic Alliance. And does anyone else believe that music is beyond politics?" - the Kremlin mouthpieces.

However, the propagandists are right about one thing: music cannot be above politics, while the bloody war continues in Ukraine. It is this very topic, or rather mockery of dictators who crave war, devoted their track to the bright Croats. The contest song of the group Let 3 is called Mama šč! satirically comments on the Russian aggression against Ukraine. The track contains references to specific dictators - Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko. However, the propagandists, strangely enough, did not write a word about this. Instead, they sling mud at Croatia, accusing it of "debauchery.


"The Croatians from the Let 3 group, men with mustaches and painted lips, were galloping around the stage in uniforms, a pink lacquer coat, and the same manicure. Then they freaked out, ripped off their clothes, and were left on stage in just their underpants. White ones. Somewhere in the background, rockets sparkled, and the audience roared, screamed, and, as they write in novels, went wild. Although we've seen such freaks at the show before the tenth time around, they're not impressed," Putin's henchmen are furious.

OBOZREVATEL live-streamed the first semi-final. Follow all the key moments with us.

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As wrote OBOZREVATEL, this year has been changed the voting procedure for participants. Instructions on how to vote for the favorites are described in our article.

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