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Women always spend a lot of time on their appearance. But, as girls often say, it is easier to be beautiful at a young age than at a mature age. Since before the age of 30, you definitely do not have to worry about hair color, lipstick, or excessive tanning. It is no secret that there are shades of curls, which can visually make the face look younger or, conversely, age it.

OBOZREVATEL shares the secrets of how to look 35 at 50. In this situation, it is worth considering your coloring. Below we will tell you about the hair colors that will add you fatigue and a few years (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).


The most popular hair color after 40 is eggplant. But this popular dye, popular since Soviet times, has long since become obsolete. It gives the face an earthy tint, makes the vascular network more noticeable, and emphasizes the flabby skin. The alternative in this case is a chocolate tone with a purple tint.


2. Fiery Red

Red hair color looks spectacular, but it does not suit everyone. If you have too light skin, reddish shades will give you a sickly look. In the case of dark skin - your image will look unnatural. Moreover, red emphasizes skin problems (couperose and acne) and makes wrinkles visible.


3. black.

Many women mistakenly assume that black paint is the best way to cover gray hair. In addition, they often think that it will give the appearance of expressiveness. But this is not the case. After 40, dark shades will emphasize the bruises under the eyes and wrinkles.


4. Dyeing

Melting is a good idea for women under 40. After this age, bleached strands will look unkempt and unnatural. This technique does not give volume to the hair and makes it look dull.


5. Ash

The flamboyant ladies are very fond of ash shades. But often this hair color ages girls, causing persistent associations with gray hair. If you're over 35 and you've always wanted to try this shade, change it to cool blonde or wheat.


Recall, OBOZREVATEL recently told me what hairstyles are ideal for thin hair. They will not only create volume but also "lose" a few years. The main thing is not to experiment at home because you can achieve the opposite result.

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