Main trends of spring 2023 have been announced. Photo.

The main trends of spring 2023

The end of New York Fashion Week gives fashionistas around the world the opportunity to think about their wardrobe for the coming spring. Bold bra tops, which famous designers suggest wearing without jackets and shirts, fresh shades of lime, knitted items and much more have broken into the trends for the warm period of 2023.

It is worth preparing for the fact that in spring 2023, long skirts with a low cut and translucent outfits will be on the podium of popularity. This was written by Harpers Bazaar.

Lime is the most popular colour

After gloomy winter days, you often want to add colour to your everyday life. To do this, fashionistas use bright suits, dresses, coats and hats. In order not to guess what colour hat or jacket with trousers to buy for spring 2023, fashion designers, as if by conspiracy, used a fresh shade of lime in their new collections. It could be seen during the shows of Alliete, Fendi, Michael Kors, Sergio Hudson and many others.


Maxi skirt in a tight fit

The return to the minimalism of the 90s and noughties continues. Floor-length dresses and skirts were featured in almost all collections of the Fashion Week. Someone may complain about the impracticality of such a wardrobe item in a rainy spring, but this is the case when beauty requires sacrifice.


Fine weaves

Crocheted items continue to be a trend for the second or even third year in a row. Designers are getting more and more creative with this technique, combining it with fringe or making their outfits more and more "naked".


Bra tops

And if we're talking about nudity, then bra tops take the palm here. Elegant, bold and "independent". If earlier fashionistas wore such products under a jacket or threw a shirt over it, now fashion designers suggest that they do not need any additional elements.


Mermaid vibes

Experts suggest that the so-called Barbiecore will be put aside for the time being, and all attention should be paid to the Mermaid and her style. Sequins, sequins, translucent fabrics in the colour of sea foam, light purple and light pink shades. Many girls dreamed of dressing like this in childhood, and now the dream is becoming a trend.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, Ukrainian stylist Anna Lekanova revealed that in autumn 2022, one of the most stylish colour combinations will be a combination of blue and chocolate. To create a trendy look, you can choose jeans of any blue shade.

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