"Let him go to the front." MELOVIN talks about the scandal with the soldier's wife, his dependencies, and an incurable diagnosis

MELOVIN urges not to respond to negativity with aggression

The popular singer MELOVIN, who recently disclosed that he has a serious illness, shared how the public scandal with the wife of a military man concluded. The Ukrainian woman accused the singer of using his diagnosis as an excuse to avoid military service.

In an interview with OBOZ.UA, the artist recounted his response to the woman and discussed the dramatic changes that have occurred in his life.

- Mel, how did the conflict with your subscriber end, who, in the comments to your post on social media about having diabetes, wished you to go to the front and get a concussion like her husband? Because "some stay at home, while others have been losing their health at the front for almost two years."

- I wished her all the best and hoped that her husband would return from the front alive and well. I understand that it is hard for her. Although I am very affected by all this, I did nothing wrong. But at the same time, I try to constantly remind myself that this is all happening for a reason.

''Let him go to the front.'' MELOVIN talks about the scandal with the soldier's wife, his dependencies, and an incurable diagnosis

There has been a significant increase in negative feedback and comments in the information space lately. People have become angrier and more aggressive. However, there is a cause-and-effect relationship. Instead of reacting to this with the same negativity, attacking back, I decided to respond with love, which can counteract the coldness in our hearts. I understand that people who post negative things online are very traumatized. Some have lost loved ones at the front or are deeply worried about potential loss.

- Did you expect to discuss something very personal and receive such a reaction?

- I anticipated that there would be a lot of hate. But, you know, I also received incredible support. The number of people who responded warmly (which inspired me incredibly) is substantial. They share their stories. For instance, people of certain age groups who haven't disclosed their diabetes to their families write in. They administer insulin injections while hiding in the bathroom without informing their families. This is troubling because if hypoglycemia (a sharp drop in blood glucose concentration) occurs, no one will be aware of the disease to provide help. And there are more than fifty such reports.

- Do you also require insulin?

- Thankfully, I am not insulin-dependent. I have MODY-diabetes - without a decrease in insulin sensitivity. It often has a familial nature, with relatives having similar disorders. Some of my relatives have it, but not my parents for sure. This diagnosis comes with its limitations, including a complete change in diet and lifestyle. I appreciate it. I've lost 15 kilograms, not because I am sick, but because I've completely transformed my life. I avoid consuming things that can negatively affect my body, treating my body as an inner temple - and all this yields incredible results. Without any mystical teachings, but with the assistance of a psychotherapist. Everything is great: clear thinking, proper eating. I haven't consumed alcohol for six months, and I feel happy.

''Let him go to the front.'' MELOVIN talks about the scandal with the soldier's wife, his dependencies, and an incurable diagnosis

- I must confess, you've undergone a significant internal transformation. Your communication has become warmer.

- It's all thanks to psychotherapy. I realized that the often outrageous behavior I exhibited was a protective shell. I was afraid to let people get close to me. Now I've started to socialize more, and I like it. My circle is expanding to include interesting people. Often in such cases, you realize who truly belongs to you and who has been with someone else all along. Luckily, all my friends stayed with me.

- The other day, you introduced your own mental health diary. What is it about?

- Oh, it's just a thing! It has a cool name: "I am." It carries a sacred meaning for those who are into mystical things. I don't believe in it; I'm for evidence-based medicine and science, but the phrase "I am" really works. It is an appeal to oneself inside. If you want to check, try it for yourself, perhaps in nature or a place you like. Close your eyes and say out loud: "I am." The internal experience is fantastic.

The diary itself is a practical exercise designed to last for six months. The manual has been approved by working psychotherapists. How did you come up with the idea? "I used to have panic attacks and high anxiety, diagnosed with an adaptive personality disorder. It happened after COVID, after all kinds of abuse - I had a stormy rock and roll life for a while. If I had a diary like this in my hands during that challenging time, it would have helped a lot. I made it for myself, and though I don't need it now, I want to share it.

- How long have you been in your native Odesa?

- It's been a while. My mom visited me this morning; we haven't seen each other for six months. I have a lot of work here, but my heart is there. When there is shelling, I keep my fingers crossed. My tablet is set to air raid alerts in Odesa, and my phone is set to Kyiv. As soon as I hear a signal, I call my parents. I feel more comfortable this way, as I get anxious if there is an alarm in Odesa.

- What are your immediate plans - what are they about?

- Eurovision! Revenge and, I hope, triumph. Let's stop talking about those who have forgotten what it means to dream. We need to dream big and scale up.

It's worth noting that MELOVIN has already participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, representing Ukraine in Portugal with the song "Under The Ladder." A year earlier, he tried his hand at the 2017 National Selection with the track "Wonder."

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