Leggings are bursting back into fashion in Spring 2023: how to create a chic look in five minutes. The best ideas with photos

Elegant and sporty leggings are returning to the catwalks, so in 2023 they can safely be considered an alternative to classic jeans and pants. Bright and decorated models are stylized not only in everyday images but also in evening outfits. If you know what and with what to combine, you can create a bow in 5 minutes.

There are several stylish combinations that should definitely be tried already this season. They were told about by the editors of the website ioDonna (to see the photos, scroll to the end of the page).

Leggings with a formal top.

More and more often on the catwalks and streets, you can see business fashionistas in leggings. They combine elongated jackets and jackets with laconic bottoms, which helps to emphasize the proportions of the figure and gives comfort during the working day.


Leather leggings.

Lovers of a brutal look can combine a sporty bottom with a leather bomber or a leather bodysuit. You can use colored leggings or even decorated with lace in such an image.


Leggings with oversized shirts and T-shirts

The timeless sports classic - leggings and a t-shirt - looks plain and simple. However, if you choose an actual top model with a print, and change the cotton with leather, the bow plays with new colors.


Leggings with Shoes.

Do not be afraid to style leggings with heels, because the combination of sports and glamorous styles has long been recognized as acceptable. However, it is necessary to ensure that the bottom is not too sporty. In particular, avoid models designed for the gym, running, and with stripes.


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