Knives, bat skeletons and teddy bears: unusual collections of Jolie, Depp and other celebrities

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Dustin Hoffman has set aside a whole room for teddy bears

Celebrities who receive substantial fees can afford to collect whatever they want. For example, the American actor and film producer Leonardo DiCaprio first bought a mosasaur skull and then an allosaurus bone for $2.5 million.

What other amazing exhibits do stars collect? Read the article in OBOZREVATEL.

Tom Hanks: antique typewriters

American actor and producer Tom Hanks not only acts in films but also writes books. This pastime for the soul became the inspiration for his collection of typewriters. Today there are more than 300 of them. And not just any typewriters, but old ones (from the early twentieth century).


Dustin Hoffman: toys

The American actor and director Dustin Hoffman has set aside a whole room for his collection. He has more than a thousand teddy bears (not just any teddy bears, but exclusively Teddy bears), and the number is growing every day. Even for celebrities' birthdays, friends and relatives often give toys as gifts, as they know they will never go wrong with their choice of present.


Angelina Jolie: swords and daggers

American actress, fashion model and director Angelina Jolie has been collecting cold steel since the beginning of her career: knives, daggers and swords from the Renaissance. The celebrity keeps her exhibits in a locked wardrobe so that her 6 children do not accidentally get injured.


Johnny Depp: Barbie dolls and more

American actor, producer, director, screenwriter and musician Johnny Depp used to collect skeletons of pigeons and bats, as well as dried beetles in his younger years. Over time, he got bored of it, so he started collecting old hats and Barbies. The film star prefers dolls in the shape of celebrities: Elvis Presley, Beyoncé, Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and, of course, his character from Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow.


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