It's time to throw them away! These blouses are long out of fashion and give away bad taste. Photo

Brightly colored and gaudy blouses are out of fashion

Blouses are one of the most feminine things in the closet, which can add elegance to any look. However, the wrong style, color or cut can spoil the proportions of the figure and add extra pounds. Outdated options also give away bad taste.

To avoid problems, you should closely follow the anti trends in the world of fashion. OBOZREVATEL will tell you what blouses should not be worn in 2023 (to see photos, scroll to the end of the page).


Colorful blouses with ruffles visually add volume to the chest, which makes the figure seem wider. In the new season there are many other stylish ways to decorate clothes like minimalistic print, embroidery, lace. It is better to choose a model with a graceful and universal decor, than to suffer with the wrong ruffles, which have already become an anti-trend.


Deep neckline and translucent fabric

Trying to shout out about your sexuality will not adorn any graceful lady. Blouse is an element of classic, business style, which is not inherent in excessive vulgarity like deep necklines or translucent materials.


Acid colors and bright prints

Accessories, shoes or jewelry can add interesting accents to the image, and it is better to refuse too bright shades in clothes at all. As well as colored prints, inscriptions and drawings that look infantile and accentuate the attention on problem areas.


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