It will look as good as new: a simple tip for rescuing broken powders

Потрескавшуюся пудру можно спасти после падения. Source: Pexels

There are situations when the powder cracks because of dropping or pressing things in your purse. Most women immediately throw it away without trying to save the cosmetic.

Blogger Mary Orton posted a video on the social networking site TikTok showing how to repair the brittle texture after damage. In her video, she intentionally broke the powder to make things right.

Mary wore protective goggles and smashed her new powder highlighter with a hammer.

"Oh, it's hard to watch because it's not just broken highlighter, you know. It's your heart. I'm so sorry," she commented.

She said it takes medical alcohol and a knife to get the powder back into texture.

Pour a tablespoon of alcohol over the cracked powder and gently spread the mixture over the entire surface with the knife. You need to smooth it out completely so that there are no lumps. After that, leave the powder for 15 minutes.

Then you will need a paper towel or napkin and something with a flat top. This can be lipstick, a lid or a coin. Place the napkin on top of the powder and gently press it down with something hard. This will help even out the powder in the palette.

"So, left to dry for an hour or two, the alcohol completely evaporates, and this thing will be as good as new," Mary said.


Many of her viewers were thrilled with what they saw, but some couldn't believe the results. "It looks like you showed off a new highlighter at the end. There's no way it looks this perfect after the alcohol method," wrote one subscriber.

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