Iryna Bilyk lost, Kondratyuk and Kozlovskyi have drama: how Ukrainian stars parted ways with their producers

After the breakup of Vremya i Steklo, both Nadya Dorofeeva and Positive were able to find themselves in solo voyages

Ukrainian director and producer Oleg Bodnarchuk has announced the end of his 10-year collaboration with ALEKSEEV. They parted ways without drama and scandals. The artist retained his creative pseudonym and repertoire.

There have been many breaks in professional (and other) relationships with producers in Ukrainian show business. I propose to analyze some examples of those who managed to go out on their own and those who did not.

It's too early to make any predictions about ALEKSEEV, we'll have to wait and see, but here's a recent case study of Anton Velboy. He left the Papamusic music label with a loud scandal and litigation. It all ended with the artist returning to the label and continuing his cooperation. Anton's impulsive decision was the result of communicating with not very good people who completely confused the singer's guidelines.

After the breakup of Vremya i Steklo, both Nadya Dorofeeva and POSITIFF were able to find themselves in solo voyages. Nadya preferred to work with producer Irina Gorova, while POSITIFF chose to promote himself. Both are doing well. Last year, POSITIFF made a name for himself with the song "Flashes," and Nadya released new releases almost every month and became a favorite of the yellow press.

Music producer Igor Kondratyuk, on the other hand, cannot put an end to his relationship with his former mentee Vitalii Kozlovskyi. Every time there is a scandal, there is a new court hearing. The conflict has been going on for many years and has become like a real Indian movie, filled with drama and thrilling storylines.

Before the full-scale invasion, Svetlana Loboda stopped working with producer Natella Krapivina. Natella became a real gray cardinal and, in tandem with Loboda, raised the singer's name to a branded level. At the time, Svitlana set an extremely high standard for artists, but you know what happened next. After Loboda stopped working with Natella, the quality of her hit songs dropped and the vector of her visual positioning changed from mysterious and elite to driving and wild, which is more in line with the singer's natural content. It's hard to say whether it's a good thing or not, but it was with Krapivina that Loboda shone as a real Western star.

Unfortunately, Iryna Bilyk failed to realize her full potential after breaking up with Yurii Nikitin. This in no way negates the merits and boundless talent of the legend of the Ukrainian pop scene, but Iryna's creative decline is due to the lack of hits that were the foundation of her singing career. After the breakup of her production collaboration with Nikitin, Iryna's songs became less and less popular. Perhaps it's a coincidence, but I noticed this parallel. Now Bilyk is doing well, she is touring Ukraine, has returned to the classic sound of traditional Iryna in her songs and is trying to do her job well.

It's also interesting to watch Vera Brezhneva now, because Konstantin Meladze served as both the producer and the singer's husband. Kostya's connections and influence cemented Vera in her niche. She never had any competitors in her songs about how love will save the world, but now the artist has started her life from scratch. And we will see what her perseverance without an influential man will lead to. Now Vera is looking for herself, but she is actively releasing music, promoting her own women's courses and practices, and resuming her touring activities.

All of these artists have a more or less normal financial situation, but there are many examples of artists who leave their producers without a penny, rent a house, and after a life of fame and fortune, have to work as a stunted artist to survive.

Stars, remember: you can't trust anyone in show business. And if you're on a roll at the moment, don't forget to build up a financial cushion. Fame doesn't last forever, and brands and cars won't cover your soft spot in a pinch.

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