Bogdan Bespalov

Bogdan Bespalov

Bogdan Bespalov
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In 2016, after graduating from university, he started his career in politics, working as a press secretary and political PR for various political forces and parliamentarians.

In 2021, he completes his political path and fully devotes himself to the creative profession, which he wanted to pursue since birth. Already in spring-2021 he became a PR for Natalia Mogilevskaya and wrote her composition "To the bottom".

Since 2019, he was engaged in his own YouTube channel, but after the full-scale invasion of the YouTube channel became the main business of life. Choosing the format of gossip and insides, publicized and publicized quite a few high-profile cases that attracted the attention of many viewers and Ukrainian media.

He differs from the majority of youtubers by pepperiness and playfulness in the presentation of material, fueling the interest of the audience to this or that star gossip. So far, he is the only blogger working in this exclusive genre.

Born in Cherkassy on 01.12.1991.

Full higher education in the specialty of cinema/TV art. Now getting a master's degree in journalism.

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We are tired of 'playing' Ukrainian: 5 stars who returned to the Russian language

We are tired of "playing" Ukrainian: 5 stars who returned to the Russian language

After February 24, 2022, many famous Ukrainians publicly switched to the state language of communication