How Anya Trincher "buried" herself in an interview with Yefrosinina and who could leak information about her divorce from Voloshyn

Anya Trincher gave an interview to Masha Yefrosinina

If you're facing relationship problems or going through a divorce and want to make a public announcement in Ukraine, you head for an interview with Maria Yefrosinina and shed a lot of tears. It has become a tradition. Kvitkova, Kamenskykh, and blogger Manziuk have already visited Maria, and now it's Trincher's turn.

I must say right away that this is a desperate step for Anya. She was even more fed up with the divorce topic in the interview because there is too much sensationalism everywhere, from social media to the mainstream media. I know that the singer dreamed of appearing on Maria's "Exam" even before the full-scale invasion, but there was no high-profile newsworthy reason.

In terms of the dialogue, Maria was not entirely comfortable, even though she tried her best to support and guide the protagonist in the right direction. Due to her lack of life experience, it was challenging for Anya to engage in a fully adult dialogue. We didn't learn anything new: Anya is in pain, her ex-husband has a "diagnosis," and Trincher's main message is that she is strong and independent, capable of handling it, not a victim. I am not in any way devaluing the artist's feelings and emotional state because divorce is always painful and difficult, but now Anya is making fatal mistakes.

Only the lazy didn't write about Trincher's divorce from Voloshyn, although I reported it on my gossip blog three months ago before the official announcement. Media oversaturation creates a vacuum of interest, meaning that the singer becomes interesting to viewers only in the context of divorce, and the insane amount of Instagram ads reinforces fans' doubts about the artist's emotions and tears in the frame. So does Sasha's constant bleaching. It plays into his hands, but at the cost of Trincher's reputation.

When your name is heard everywhere, fatigue quickly sets in, and people simply become uninterested. Whether consciously or not, Anya is making the most of her own drama without thinking about what will happen next. In an interview, she calls herself a fierce workaholic and careerist, but at the same time, "I would like to refuse concerts when I'm not in the mood." This thought is enough to understand Trincher's immaturity and infantilism. Maria should be given credit: she did not drown her guest, showing empathy and support.

I have a hunch (I'm not making any claims!) that it was Oleksandr Voloshyn's team that leaked the couple's divorce to me under the guise of "anonymous." Anya reported the peak of the couple's relationship crisis in August 2023, and it was then that I received the details of their divorce. Was it a coincidence? I don't think so. Why would he do that? It's simple: to prepare a "safe" departure from Anya in the media space. The difference is that she loves him and is ready for anything, even at the cost of her reputation. For him, it's another PR case that brings only benefits and helps him reach a new stage of career development. It's obvious to the naked eye. Oleksandr may have loved her, but what's happening now looks like a well-thought-out successful case.

What's in store for singer Anya Trincher?

A decline in popularity, a lack of corporate events and quotes in the media. The rebranding of Anya's image towards aggressive sex scares away the audience that has been following the singer since the days of the School series. The topic of divorce causes irritation. And instead of releasing cool music and talking to her colleagues with whom she got into high-profile scandals, in recent months we have seen her completely ignore her own career. "Anya, you don't like me, to put it mildly, but I want to appeal to you:

Change your team completely because they are dragging you down to the bottom. Prepare a hit repertoire, don't impose the image of an adult priestess of love, and maybe you'll revive your career for a while. Otherwise, in the second half of 2024, Ukrainians will forget that they ever knew the singer Anya Trincher. I expressed my subjective opinions based on my observations. I wish the singer to find her successful path both in life and in her career!

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