Dasha Kvitkova and the car accident: how the court's decision punctuated the image of the impeccable blogger

The court found Dasha Kvitkova guilty in the car accident

At the end of August this year, Ukrainian media were filled with headlines about the luxury car crash caused by blogger Dasha Kvitkova. There was a resonance in the information space: the victims said one thing, and Dasha said something else. According to the blogger, she did not violate traffic rules, while the victims claimed that the celebrity was running a red light. It gets worse: the blogger accused one of the victims of recognizing Dasha and demanding money from her. Who to believe?

The court will decide... So, it decided.

My kittens managed to find out that a court hearing on Kvitkova's case was held on December 15, 2023. According to the court's decision, Dasha is guilty. She was not deprived of her driver's license, but the blogger must pay considerable compensation to the victims of the accident. The court's decision destroyed Dasha's tactics, which took a convenient position of victimization. A young mother, incredibly hardworking, successful, donating every day - the perfect image. And then an accident, and to admit that she was to blame... somehow does not fit into the image of a flawless blonde. When delivering her motivational "lectures," the blogger even created a video intro based on the accident. The main message of the video: she is strong, unbreakable, and always ahead, and those who say bad things about her are envious.

Here's a question: Dasha, why don't you disclose the court's decision? Of course, you will try to appeal the decision. No one wants to pay tens of thousands of dollars to the victims. But let's be honest... You need to be honest with your viewers, as you have repeatedly emphasized. Why are you hiding the truth now? Why did you speak and write about the accident only when you needed to create a new image and strategy? Personally, I have a lot of questions about Kvitkova's sincerity in any way.

Her followers feel everything, and they will feel this game and falsity as well. We are watching the blogger's next steps and how she will look for a form of publicizing the court decision, which had enough facts to find Kvitkova guilty. Road accidents are terrible, no one is safe from them, and in no case should we gloat over such situations.

My opinion is this:

When you are a public figure, you need to be able to admit your mistakes. This is sincerity towards your fans. None of us is perfect, and stars are no exception. When you tell the truth, there are far fewer consequences and an unpleasant aftertaste than when you get caught up in the wire of your own manipulations.

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