Voloshyn stepped into the puddle. Why it's better not to joke with people like Yefrosynina

The interview of Maria Yefrosynina with Ania Trinchero caused a stir

We've discussed Trincher's interview with Efrosynina. Now, let's take a moment to aggressively market the emerging wave of Ukrainian showbiz against the established "old school" showbiz.

Many viewers likely noticed how Ania Trincher's ex-husband, Oleksandr Voloshyn, praised Ania in his Instagram stories while criticizing Maria Yefrosynina. During Ania's interview, Maria hinted to the singer that it was inappropriate to flaunt expensive gifts like branded cars during wartime. Voloshyn decided to employ his marketing techniques and create a wave of indignation against Yefrosynina. Sashko cleverly pointed out that Maria was wearing expensive Cartier bracelets, each worth tens of thousands of dollars, during the interview—equivalent to part of the cost of the car Voloshyn gave his ex-wife.

Sashko involved his friends in his cunning plan, from young bloggers to the notorious Ania Alkhim. Maria's rivals, Volodymyr Ostapchuk and Kateryna Poltavska, also decided to take advantage of the scandal. Ostapchuk's wife didn't miss the opportunity and left an Instagram post emphasizing Yefrosynina's hypocrisy. At first glance, the scheme seems to be working—Sashko "caught" Maria, got his blogger friends involved, and the wave started, with followers savoring the details of the scandal. But does it work in the long run? Will there be a lasting effect?

I began to observe. I know firsthand that those in the industry have long been acting wisely, deliberately, modeling schemes and multi-steps. I have many questions and reservations about Yefrosynina, but objectively speaking, she is a big-league player and will achieve what she wants at any cost.

Maria will not act directly at once. I wasn't mistaken. Initially, Voloshyn received the following message:

"Social responsibility must exist, given the times we live in. Of course, someone may not like it. If a person believes that they have to justify themselves, let them do so. If they believe that the best defense is offense, let them do the same, but they should understand that there may be 'retaliation.' And it's better not to joke with Masha, because the 'retaliation' can be very serious," Yasinskyi said in a conversation with Slava Demin about Voloshyn's condemnation of Yefrosynina's hypocrisy.

"I understand Mykhailo's diplomatic language, but here we see Maria's handwriting. In my opinion, she engaged producer Yasinskyi to deliver a native message to her opponent. Next, Maria herself comes into play and states on her Instagram:

"Last week, my phrase 'wounded guys are lying in hospitals without pain relief' was turned into an ironic dart by most of the professional manipulator's followers—everyone really liked to poke me with it, twisting the meanings I put into the question to Anna Trincher," Maria said.

She also added that she has always been indifferent to other people's wealth, and she is not going to make excuses for her own. She is in favor of following the example of people like Sasha. She wants people like him to shape the face of our country, not the aggressive marketing and primitivism of manipulators. She includes all this in the description of a new YouTube video with Ukrainian soldier Oleksandr Teren, who lost his lower limbs in the war. Yefrosynina completely shifts attention from the scandal to an important social issue.

Masha, bravo. She did not put her face in the dirt. This pragmatic move puts Voloshyn in a stupor. Although Sasha caught Maria for her hypocrisy, I think he did a good job. I think Maria will make one more finishing, filigree step, or close the topic altogether with this post.

I like how young people quickly learn Western PR techniques, but because of their "hot blood," it is still difficult for them to think through details and multi-strategy. And these elements are the foundation of a successful case. Perhaps the bigwigs, like Maria, are now in a slightly different niche, with a brilliant information agenda from young people, but they have a significant advantage—experience. It's interesting to see how two different worlds, two different generations collide in the information space. I wish the new faces of showbiz to be more forward-thinking and less impulsive.

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