Improve sleep and mood: which indoor flowers are suitable for the bedroom and what you shouldn't put by the bed

Chlorophytum, epipremnum and aloe vera will perfectly purify the bedroom atmosphere.

Having plants in your bedroom is a great idea not only from a design perspective. Contemplation of living greenery, unlike flipping through pages on a smartphone or watching the news, relaxes, relieves stress and helps you fall asleep faster. And the right plants will also purify the air and make your sleep stronger and deeper. Certain species can also fill the room with aromas that promote better rest.

OBOZREVATEL has collected several plant options that will make the atmosphere in the area where you sleep more comfortable. Here are tips on how not to make a mistake when choosing a flowerpot for your bedroom.

Ideal plants for the bedroom


This plant has two key advantages - unpretentiousness in care and excellent cleaning properties. You can place several flowerpots with low Khan's sansevieria on a bookshelf or in the corner, or even choose several species at once. All of them perfectly filter the air from harmful substances and effectively absorb carbon dioxide.


The smell of lavender is called one of the best natural sleeping pills. Therefore, a pot of this herb on the windowsill of the room where you sleep will be very appropriate. Just do not place it close to the bed during the flowering season. Then the smell may be too strong.

Aloe vera

Again, an unpretentious and hardy succulent. Ideally, experts advise placing aloe vera in the bedroom as an excellent air filter, but other species will also decorate your bedroom and improve the atmosphere, so you can choose according to your taste.



The plant will thank you for your rather small efforts by quickly turning into a luxurious bush that can even bloom. Zamioculcas is extremely undemanding to lighting, and if you like to sleep longer on weekends under the protection of blackout curtains, it will not be offended. Instead, it will purify the air in the room well.


The climbing plant is one of the champions in terms of air purification. In addition, it has the ability to eliminate odours and regulate the humidity level. It is the perfect companion for the bedroom. Especially considering that it is one of the most unpretentious indoor plants.


This small green bush will fit even in the smallest bedroom, because its ideal location is a hanging planter. In this case, it will be convenient for the chlorophytum to produce hanging pale green leaves, and later a moustache with new rosettes of leaves. And it is also an extremely effective air purifier.

What plants to avoid in the bedroom

First of all, avoid light-loving species. They need the bright morning sun, which may not coincide with your plans, and someone will definitely feel sick.

Also avoid flowering flowerpots that emit a strong scent - pungent odours interfere with nighttime sleep. In addition, they can provoke allergy attacks.

Also, if you don't like to take care of greenery, avoid species with large, smooth leaves - they will collect dust, which is also not very healthy for the room where you sleep.

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