Ideal place in an apartment for an orchid is named

Give the orchid plenty of light, but not direct sun

Despite the fact that the orchid comes from hot tropical forests, the idea that it will be fine in the sun is completely wrong. Nevertheless, many owners put the flower on the window, thinking that it will be better there, and then cannot understand why it does not bloom. So, experts have named the best place to keep an orchid in the house.

Experts told the British newspaper Express about the intricacies of placing a flowerpot with a capricious plant. According to orchid experts, the flower feels best where there is a lot of light, but the sun's rays do not fall directly on it.

Therefore, if you put it on the windowsill, it should be a window facing east or west. But in winter, it would be advisable to move the flowerpot to the south window, because during this season there is not much direct sun, it is inactive, and at the same time, the southern direction provides the greatest amount of natural daylight.

At the same time, those who want to have such a plant at home are advised to first of all get acquainted with the needs of the species they have chosen. After all, some species, such as the Wanda orchid, feel good in full sunlight, but not in the hottest hours of summer. So, there are really a lot of nuances and you need to take care of everything in advance.

Orchids do not like cold drafts or hot air blowing. Therefore, you need to place them away from heat sources and not at the intersection of air flows. Incorrect temperature conditions can destroy the flower.

It is also important to take care of proper watering. The roots of the plant are extremely sensitive to high humidity, so you should not water the orchid so much that the soil in the pot is noticeably wet. It also does not tolerate drought. In winter, the optimal watering regime is once every 10 days. But it is important to check whether the water has evaporated sufficiently from the orchid pot. The soil should be almost completely dry, but not too dry.

To simplify the task of maintaining the correct moisture regime, you can spray the orchid in winter. In this case, make sure that the leaves do not remain wet - this can lead to rotting of the plant.

A good indicator of watering an orchid is its roots. If they become soft and brown, this is a sign of overwatering and you need to let the plant dry. And check if its drainage is well organised. If the roots are shrivelled, the flower lacks water. Healthy roots should be white, firm and voluminous.

Another way to check the condition of the plant is to pay attention to its leaves. If they have yellowed, wrinkled and wilted, this is a signal that the orchid is severely lacking water.

The flower should be watered only with warm water, because it is adapted to tropical rains and can even die from cold watering.

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