"I thought it was all over." Mila Nitich on selling a 3-room apartment, the Moscow Patriarchate, and secret agreements with Bebeshko

The singer says she has decided not to communicate with Bebeshko

Singer Mila Nitich, who unexpectedly sold her home near Kyiv to advance her career, shared how challenging it was to make such a decision. Before Russia's invasion, the singer had just paid off all the debts on her apartment.

The singer revealed that leaving Irpin on the first day of the war, with help from the last person she expected, she bid farewell to her apartment every day. Mila Nitich discussed this in an interview with OBOZ.UA.

– Mila, how did you survive the first months after the invasion?

It was very difficult. Absolute despair, a broken state, not understanding what will happen next. What can I say, everyone felt this way - fear of what the future holds and whether it will be there. When your life hangs in the balance and you don't know whether you will wake up tomorrow, how can you react differently? By some miracle, I managed to leave Irpin and meet the war there. Thanks to the person from whom I least expected help - my former civilian husband. We didn't communicate with him at the time. But he came and helped me evacuate to Khmelnytskyi to my mother.

He saved my life, considering what happened later in the house where I lived. It was almost bursting at the seams, and my apartment was miraculously saved. Almost everything dear to my heart - the piano and other things that mattered to me - remained there. I also forgot my passport, which had a ten-year American visa, at home, as I was packing so hastily. I thought I would be back in a few days, but I arrived two months later. And, thank God, everything was safe. But the house was ruined. However, it can be rebuilt, and it did, but people's lives cannot be returned.

– At that time, did you think that your profession would not be in demand for some time and you should think about another one?

For the first month, yes. I thought it was over. I was going over possible options in my head. I even thought about going to Europe to get a job, earn some money, start my own business because I didn't have time to save my stash. I gave three years of my life to the apartment and only paid it off in full before the war. Almost all the money I earned went there. During the occupation, I said goodbye to my house every day, but it miraculously survived.

At some point, I came to the conclusion that no matter how talented you are, you can be left without anything at any time due to circumstances you cannot influence... It was very difficult, and this spring I was forced to sell my apartment.

– Not because you wanted to buy something else, but because of the circumstances?

I decided to go all-in and develop the Mila Nitich project with the money. If I believe in myself as an artist, I have to invest and finance myself. I must admit that it was a very difficult decision, and I took six months to make it. It was so painful. I cherished this apartment so much, it was my dream. It was very beautiful, just as I had pictured it in my mind. But I realized that there is a dream that is more important than housing. Because if I stop working as an artist now, I really don't know what I will do in life.

And not because I can't do anything, but because I love what I do best and love the most. I can't just give it up. Having given a large number of charity concerts, I realized that it was cool because you do something useful for people who give their most valuable things for you. But I wanted to do something more for myself. In particular, so that I could continue to help.

''I thought it was all over.'' Mila Nitich on selling a 3-room apartment, the Moscow Patriarchate, and secret agreements with Bebeshko

- Mila, you are so brave...

- I don't know: brave or stupid. (Laughs). But, you know, there is already a result. It was difficult at first, even though I had funding. Now everything has settled down; I recorded the song "Sorry, It Happened That Way" - it's already on all platforms. For the first time in my life, there is not a single negative comment under a video on my channel. There are not even any haters - it's strange. On the other hand, it means that the song has caught on; it's about something that every person knows - experiencing difficult emotions after a breakup, life after drama. Emotions after which you will never be the same again. 

- Where do you live now?

- I rent an apartment in Irpin.

- How did your parents react to your decision to get rid of your own home?

- My mom is the person who always supports me. In any decision. She said: "I'm sorry, daughter. Maybe you can buy at least a one-room apartment?" I said: "Mom, everything will be fine, but later." This one was a three-room apartment, so I spent so much time on its arrangement. But I am very happy that I can continue to create and run my project. I hope it will be successful.

- Do you have a producer now?

- I am my own producer.

''I thought it was all over.'' Mila Nitich on selling a 3-room apartment, the Moscow Patriarchate, and secret agreements with Bebeshko

- And if we compare the time when you worked with your famous mentor Volodymyr Bebeshko and the present, which was more interesting?

- Everything was different then. I was very limited in my decision-making. I couldn't decide for myself, and in many ways, decisions were made for me. It was difficult because I am a very strong-willed person, and it's hard to obey without question. But I trusted him then, and I'll say this: for all the pros and cons, I am very grateful to Volodymyr Bebeshko for all the time we spent together over the past ten years.

- Do you keep in touch now?

- Unfortunately, no. We had attempts to restore our friendship, but after one interview in which he spoke very unkindly of me, I decided that we would no longer communicate. It was also offensive because he himself asked me not to comment on our previous cooperation in the press, but when asked about me, he decided that our agreements were not in effect.

''I thought it was all over.'' Mila Nitich on selling a 3-room apartment, the Moscow Patriarchate, and secret agreements with Bebeshko

- I'd also like to ask you about this: how did the scandal with the local priest in the village in Khmelnytsky, where you were born, who wanted to conduct services in the "Old Slavonic language with a Ukrainian accent" (read: Russian) end? At the time, a letter from local residents who allegedly voted in favor of this decision appeared online, including your signature.

- I learned about it when the news was published in all the media. And no one asked for a comment - not a single journalist. So now, I'm taking this opportunity to express my thoughts. I did not sign the letter. I could not be in Stara Synyava at that time for the simple reason that I was in Kyiv. But I will say frankly: I doubt that the priest had anything to do with it. I cannot confirm this with facts, but having known him personally for many years, since childhood, I am sure that he is not the kind of person who would do such things. There were people there who were interested in closing this church or at least removing the leader. And he began to behave very categorically because he was treated tactlessly. I think it was a mistake on his part. I would also like to note that I do not support the Moscow Patriarchate in any way or form. I support God and want the Lord to be in the church, not politics.

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