How to wash linens correctly: will be perfectly clean and fragrant

Bedding due to constant contact with the body is often covered with stains and can absorb specific odors. The problem can be solved with the right approach to laundry. And conventional detergents may not be enough for this. Because they accumulate in the fabric over time, especially if used excessively, and make it stiff.

A single detergent, which is inexpensive and can be bought in any store, will help to deal with stiffness, stains, and smells at the same time. As OBOZREVATEL found out, we are talking about the usual white vinegar.

To wash beds with vinegar, it must be added to the washing machine separately from the main product - powder or gel. Half a cup of liquid is poured directly into the tank or added to the conditioner compartment. You can pour vinegar into the laundry detergent tray not before starting the program, but already at the rinse stage. This will soften and refresh the fabric.

To remove stains from the bed, they can be treated with vinegar before washing. Apply a 1:1 mixture of the substance with water and leave it for a few minutes. After that, things should be washed as usual. With heavy soiling, you can use undiluted vinegar.

An important nuance - the remedy is not suitable for all fabrics. So dark or bright bedding can discolor it. Also, it is better not to use vinegar on silk items.

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