How to wash laundry in the machine and by hand: the main rules

Choosing the right washing programme and detergent guarantees good results

Lingerie - whether made from natural fabrics or synthetic, lace or smooth knitwear - is a very delicate wardrobe item. It comes into direct contact with the body and should be soft and comfortable, so this determines the specifics of caring for such items. It should also be delicate.

OBOZREVATEL tells you how to care for your underwear. What rules should be applied when washing in a machine and what rules should be applied when washing by hand.

General rules

Be sure to read the instructions for the product on the label - it will tell you how to wash it correctly. Most likely, the water will need to be warm, not hot, and the spin should be gentle. Do the first wash of a new item before you put it on.

Also, don't wash natural and synthetic laundry together. They absorb dirt differently and sometimes even require different detergents. In any case, liquids and gels are better than powders because they rinse better. Also take into account the colour of your clothes - don't wash white and coloured clothes together.

If you are washing in a machine, do not put items in the drum that could damage the delicate fabric of the laundry, such as anything with zips or active decorations. Ideally, you should use a special laundry bag.

Also avoid chlorine bleaches. If necessary, use oxygen bleach only.

Rules for machine washing underwear

Underwear with a lot of decorations - lace, rhinestones, chains, leather straps - should be washed by hand. They may not withstand rotation in the drum.

If necessary, cotton items can be washed even at a very high temperature of 80-90 degrees, while synthetics are unlikely to withstand more than 40.

Stubborn stains should be treated with a suitable stain remover or soaked before washing. It is also better to wash stains at a low temperature, as they can only penetrate deeper into the fabric during hot washing.

Rules for hand washing laundry

In addition to all the basic rules, experts recommend avoiding strong friction of the fabric during hand washing. It is better to soak the clothes for 30-40 minutes in warm water, and then gently process them with moderate friction. This way, dirt is well removed from the fabric without significant mechanical impact.

Rinsing should also be done in warm or even cold water. At the end, you can add a few drops of machine wash conditioner to the water. It will make the fabric softer when it dries. But it is very important to take a small amount of the product - it is not intended for hand washing and can make things harsh and unpleasant if used excessively.

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