How to wash a winter jacket in the machine: tips to avoid bunching the filler

It won't be long before all of our winter jackets are going into the closet because of the season change. But before we send such things into storage, they need to be washed. However, many of us are wary of cleaning the thing in a regular washing machine. After all, because of this, the filler inside may be knocked down and the warm clothes will lose their properties.

Fortunately, you can wash winter jackets at home. OBOZREVATEL tells about ways to care for warm outerwear.

How to prepare the jacket for washing

Carefully re-read the label of the thing. It contains all the recommendations for taking care of it. If the instructions allow machine washing, feel free to send your jacket to the drum.

But prepare it for this in a proper manner. Take all the things out of the pockets, if possible remove all decorations, such as fur on the hood, fasten all the clasps, and turn the thing inside out.

If the jacket has visible stains or scuffs on the sleeves and collar, pre-treat them with a soapy solution and leave them for an hour. Also check the thing for minor damage - badly sewn buttons, loose seams, and small holes. All patching, so that through the holes do not lose some of the filler.

How to wash a winter jacket in the machine

If the label of the thing allows machine washing, set all the settings it provides - temperature, number of spins, program, etc. And it's better to use a liquid detergent, it will rinse out better. Ideally, a product specifically designed for outerwear. If you only have powder, choose an extra rinse.

If you don't have a label (cut the label off, it's all faded), run the wash at 30 degrees on the Delicates program. Select spin on low speed.

To keep the filler from being knocked down, put along with the jacket in the drum a few tennis balls or special wash balls. They will loosen it up during the wash.

Refuse any additional laundry detergents - conditioners, rinse aid, and especially bleach. And do not wash other things with your jacket - outerwear tends to shed quite a lot.

How to wash a winter jacket by hand

Preparation for washing, if you wash the thing by hand, should be the same as before machine washing. Empty the pockets, remove the decor, and wash the dirtiest areas.

Soak the jacket in warm water with detergent. Then wash without too much friction to avoid damaging the fabric and filling.

Rinse the jacket thoroughly to get rid of any soap residue inside.

How to Dry a Washed Jacket

Do not keep the thing in close proximity to heat sources, it is bad for the filling. Also, if water drips from the jacket until it drains, keep the thing horizontal.

Knead and shake the garment from time to time to evenly distribute the filler inside. This way it will also dry more quickly.

When the jacket is still slightly damp, hang it on hangers to dry. This way it will straighten out and not look wrinkled.

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