How to sweep houses to make money " flow like a river": the Taoist way

It's important to choose the right sweeping order and use the right tool

There are many things you can do to attract wealth and financial success. For example, people who practice Taoism have a principle that can attract money through proper sweeping. So, how do you sweep properly to be rich?

OBOZREVATEL has got acquainted with the Taoist practice, which is part of the feng shui philosophy, and tells about it in detail.

Qi energy and cleaning

One of the tasks of feng shui is to redistribute the flow of vital chi energy in such a way as to create the most favourable space for human existence. To do this, all objects in and around the room should be placed in a certain order - to freely pass the flows, allow the accumulation of qi where it is needed, and prevent it from stagnating where it is not desirable.

Garbage is also part of the living space. So, you need to get rid of it in a way that does not interfere with the proper circulation of qi energy. To do this, you need to follow three rules.

Rules for sweeping

  • You should not sweep the rubbish outside - you will sweep away some of the chi with it. Therefore, you should start cleaning the floor from the front door and move clockwise.
  • The final point should be the southeastern part of the apartment. This is where your wealth sector is located. Collect the garbage that you have swept into this corner very carefully - this sector must be kept clean.
  • It is better to choose red coloured equipment for sweeping. If your broom and dustpan are of a different colour, tie a red ribbon on them. It is believed that this colour attracts money.

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