How to make the perfect make-up to suit your face shape: secrets used by the stars

Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker use these life hacks

To create the perfect make-up, to emphasise your assets and hide your flaws, you need to not only choose the right cosmetics for your skin type, but also take into account your face shape. The ideal shape is an oval face, because it has smooth contours and transitions. But if you have a round, square or triangular face, a few right touches will bring your look to perfection.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you how to do makeup correctly, taking into account your face shape.

Make-up for a round face

This shape has no bone structure and is characterised by chubby cheeks and, as a rule, low cheekbones and a jawline. To lengthen your face, you need to:

1. Apply a foundation suitable for your complexion;

2. Using a special sponge or brush, apply a slightly darker shade of foundation to the cheekbones (starting from the temples and blending to the outer corners of the mouth). The contrast between the two shades used should be very subtle;

3) use a little highlighter on the chin and forehead to enhance the "lengthening" effect;

4. open your mouth, pronouncing the letter O, so that your cheeks fall. Apply blush with a brush under the cheekbones. Draw a light diagonal line from the top of the ears to the corners of the mouth.


Make-up for an oval face

As we wrote above, an oval face is the most ideal, but what to do if it is a little long? There are a few secrets:

1. use two foundations: dark (for the forehead and chin) and light (for the cheekbones and nose). Thus, it is the central part that will stand out, and the impression of an "elongated" face will be significantly reduced;

2 Apply blush not diagonally, from temple to mouth, but horizontally, from ear to nose;

3 Apply a dark foundation to the hairline to reduce the effect of length.


Make-up for a square face

A square face is characterised by a pronounced bone structure at the level of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw. How to balance it?

1. Take two foundations, one light and one darker. The goal is to soften the features. Use the darker foundation to create shadows on the corners of the forehead, cheekbone and jaw.

2. Apply a light foundation to the centre of the face;

3. Do not overdo it with blush, which will emphasise your features even more. Apply this cosmetic as little as possible for a healthy glow. Avoid the temples and jaw.


Make-up for a triangular face

A triangular face is characterised by a broad forehead and a pointed chin. To harmonise it and remove the angular effect, you need to reduce the upper part of the face and enlarge the lower part. What to do.

1) Apply a dark foundation with a brush to the areas of the face that you want to conceal - temples, cheekbones and the tip of the chin.

2 Use a lighter foundation to highlight the centre of your forehead, nose and the space between your cheeks and jawline. Light directed towards the lower part of the face will bring balance;

3. Distribute blush from the ears to the sides of the nose, horizontally. This method reduces the effect of lengthening the lower part of the face.


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