How to get rid of limescale in the kettle in 10 minutes: a simple tiphack

The kettle will literally clean itself

Of all household appliances, we use the kettle the most. That's why the limescale accumulates inside it the fastest. At the same time, the deposition of salts on the walls leads to the fact that it needs more energy to work, and the taste of drinks from such water deteriorates.

Therefore, the kettle should be periodically cleaned of limescale inside. The Express tells about a quick and easy way to do it.

Those who love cleaning tips find the best option for such purposes is plain white vinegar. It is mixed with water to boil in the kettle - so the plaque dissolves and disappears on its own.

To use the method, fill the kettle by three-quarters with a solution of water and vinegar in the proportion 1:1. Turn on the device and let the mixture boil. After that, leave it to act for 10-15 minutes. If there is a lot of limescale, soak the vinegar a little longer.

Next, the liquid should be drained and the kettle rinsed with running water. If it is not completely clean, the procedure can be repeated. To finish cleaning the kettle, you need to boil clean water in it 2-3 times - this will remove the vinegar taste that may remain inside.

Some lovers of the tipsters also suggested pouring the liquid from the kettle into the toilet after using it and letting it stand there for a while. In this way, it will also work to clean this plumbing device as well.

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