How to clean soot on an iron: a quick and cheap way

Many took the advice and were surprised

Soot on the iron can be easily removed without having to buy expensive cleaning products. A tablet of ordinary paracetamol will help to clean it from dirt.

This method was shared by members of the popular Facebook group Cleaning tips and tricks, created under the influence of the millionaire blogger Mrs Hinch (Sophie Hinchliffe). For example, the page was asked several times how best to remove clothes marks on the iron.

Most commentators wrote that paracetamol can cope with soot. Those who had already decided on such an "experiment" said that everything worked out perfectly. They used the drug in different ways: some rubbed the surface of the iron's sole with a tablet, while others made a "gruel" of the medicine and covered the burnt surface with it.

"Crush the paracetamol, heat the iron and turn it over with the hot plate up. Sprinkle the stains with paracetamol. Let it melt and then wipe with a damp cloth", "Definitely, rubbing paracetamol on a warm iron works like magic", "I tried this, I held the paracetamol with tweezers and rubbed the warm iron, the gar turned into a brown liquid, which I wiped off with a napkin", "This method definitely works. You really can't go wrong", "Paracetamol on a warm iron. I'm not kidding, it works," wrote social media users.

When using this life hack, many members of the group warned that the iron should not be too hot.

Other members of the group suggested using baking soda and vinegar as a possible option for cleaning the surface of the iron.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, earlier Mrs Hinch told online how to get rid of unpleasant coffee stains on mugs.

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