How to clean a stainless steel kettle: an easy way

A stainless steel kettle always has a stylish look - the shiny mirror-like material fits especially well into modern interiors. But literally after a week of use such a kettle turns into a complete problem. Grease, dust, water stains, and other dirt stick to its sides.

Cleaning by scrubbing stains in this case can leave scratches on the surface and spoil its appearance no less than the dirt itself. Therefore OBOZREVATEL tells about a way to clean the steel kettle so that it will continue to look great, but do not spend too much time and effort on this task. An important clarification, we are talking about the kettle, which is placed on the stove, and not about the electric model.

So, to get rid of stains, you need to immerse the object in a larger container and boil it with detergent. The usual dishwashing liquid will do. Put the kettle in a large container, such as a pot, pour water on it so that all its metal parts are completely covered, and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid. In doing so, make sure that the plastic parts, such as the handle, do not get into the water. After that, boil the kettle in the soap solution for about 15 minutes.

Then you need to take the vessel off the fire and let it cool down a bit. And then the still hot kettle should be taken out and rinse the outer walls under running water with a soft sponge. Due to the fact that the object will still be hot, all the dirt will easily wipe off. Especially after processing in a boiling soapy solution.

When the washing is finished, the kettle should definitely be wiped dry so that no new lime stains appear on it. Such cleaning can be carried out quite often, it does not damage the material.

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