How to care for curly hair: Rihanna's stylist reveals beauty secrets

Hairdresser Yusef Williams is responsible for Rihanna's luxurious curls

Curly hair seems awfully cute to an outsider. But people who were lucky enough to be born with such a wealth of hair know how difficult the process of caring for it can be. And despite all the efforts, the desired result is not guaranteed. Especially in winter, when already dry hair is affected by the cold air outside and the dry atmosphere in rooms with heating.

But celebrity stylists know the secrets of stunning hairstyles with curls. Rihanna's hairdresser Yusef Williams told us how he takes care of her naturally difficult hair, The List writes.

According to him, the main mistake of many owners of curly strands is that they believe that the more care product you apply to them, the better. But this is not always the case, sometimes you need just a little product to create elastic curls.

Williams advises starting with a moisturising shampoo. Curly hair is naturally dry, so it needs extra moisture to soften it. The hairdresser also calls special indelible masks for curly hair a good option. He applies them to his clients after washing and leaves them on for 4-5 minutes before starting to style them.

The hair stylist advises styling curls with the help of serums and other products that do not contain alcohol. After all, alcohol has a bad effect on the level of hair moisture, so products with alcohol are not suitable for curly-haired people.

The stylist advises paying special attention to the choice of shampoo. It should act mildly and not wash away all the grease, because moisture will be washed out of the hair along with it. According to Williams, sometimes you can use a regular cleansing shampoo, but it should not be the main one. The hairdresser also advises to wash your hair as rarely as possible and to pay considerable attention to the hair conditioner, which can be kept on the strands even longer than the instructions for its use. It should have a very deep effect.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, trichologist Yulia Dudiy explained how to calculate the ideal frequency of hair washing for women and men.

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