How much powder to put in the washing machine: the exact figure for clean clothes

Household experts warn - excessive use of laundry detergent can make clothes hard because the product is poorly rinsed and leaves stains on the fabric, as well as due to deposits in the mechanism that can damage the washing machine. But how much is the rate of use of the powder? The amount indicated on the package may be overestimated because the manufacturer is interested in using up the detergent faster.

Express reached out to laundry experts to find out the exact dosage of detergent. And how to know if you're using too much powder.

If your clothes and textiles seem soapy, sticky, or stiff to the touch after washing, it's a sign that they've been washed in too much detergent. This is indicated by white stains and streaks on the fabric. Also, the habit of taking too much powder can be indicated by the smell of the drum of the machine. Unwanted microorganisms can develop in soap residue. In addition, the excessive foam settles on the internal parts and disrupts the operation of the device.

According to experts, on average, for one full load of the washing machine you need to take only two tablespoons of powdered detergent. If the water is soft, you can take even one and a half spoons. And if the water is hard, then three, or even four. You will need to double the dosage if you chose a program with pre-wash. For manual care of clothes, one tablespoon of powder per full basin of water will be enough.

Experts also recommended using the detergent tray in the machine if you wash with powder. Liquid detergent can be poured into both the tray and the drum of the machine. Capsules should only be placed in the drum, placing them about three-quarters of the depth of the drum.

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