House will shine clean and smell good: the secret to successful cleaning

Essential oils can make not only cosmetics more effective

Many people have long since mastered the way to enrich their usual cosmetics with essential oils. A few drops of aromatic liquid in a cream or shampoo can work wonders. But not everyone knows that the same method can be used for cleaning products. Meanwhile, it will help to enhance the properties of home remedies and become an interesting life hack to make the smell in the house pleasant.

Home Revolution has collected 9 variants of oils that will help with cleaning and talked about their properties. Add them a few drops to floor cleaning water (to do this, drip the oil into salt, dissolve the salt in a glass of water and pour it into a bucket), soda-based cleaners, homemade vinegar and alcohol solutions, etc. But remember to mix well so that the oil dissolves properly and does not leave stains.

Lemon oil

First of all, it is a great flavouring agent, because it has a clean and pronounced citrus smell. It is also capable of killing viruses and bacteria. Lemon oil is suitable for making all-purpose cleaners for the kitchen and toilets. It can also be added to floor and furniture polishes.

Tea tree oil

This oil is most valued for its pronounced antibacterial effect. Its characteristic smell can also repel insects. It can also cleanse the air and surfaces of viruses, which means it is well suited for both aromatising rooms and cleaning the whole house on a daily basis. To do this, mix water and white vinegar in equal proportions and add a few drops of tea tree - a light cleaning spray is ready.

Lavender oil

The scent of lavender can eliminate unpleasant odours at home and has a calming effect. This oil also has natural antibacterial properties. Use lavender oil to clean your mattress and bed linen. It is also good for caring for toys, as it disinfects them and is safe enough for children.

Eucalyptus oil

It is a strong natural antiseptic with a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Eucalyptus oil is effective against fungus. Therefore, it is good to add it to home mould sprays based on hydrogen peroxide. It is also great for all-purpose home cleaners.

Wild orange oil

Another pure citrus scent that can not only kill bacteria but also inhibit their further growth. Orange oil is good for adding to cleaning products for utensils such as chopping boards.

Peppermint oil

The product not only has a wonderful fresh aroma, but also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It works well in insect and other pest repellents and enriches alcohol-based mirror and window cleaners.

Cinnamon oil

This oil is an excellent antiseptic for the whole house and a wonderful fragrance that will create an atmosphere of comfort. It fights mould, fungus and harmful bacteria on all surfaces, so it is suitable for all-purpose home cleaners.

Pine oil

This oil is often added to industrial cleaning products. It is effective against germs, including E. coli, as well as fungi and their spores. This oil will enrich anti-mould products and is good for cleaning floors and walls.

Thyme oil

Thyme oil has not only antiseptic and antifungal properties, but also acts as a natural sedative, which is why it is good for cleaning the bedroom. Add it to your floor water and use it in all-purpose cleaners and home fragrances.

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