"Harry Potter" Daniel Radcliffe disclosed the sex of his first child for the first time and shared his impressions of fatherhood

Daniel Radcliffe talks about his first child

The world-famous British actor Daniel Radcliffe, who became famous for his role as Harry Potter in the cult franchise of the same name, has for the first time disclosed the sex of his child, who will be born in spring 2023. The 33-year-old filmmaker carefully hides his personal life, but he has opened the curtain a little and admitted that he is a boy's father.

Radcliffe shared the details of his first experience of fatherhood in an interview with ET. He spoke enthusiastically about raising his newborn son and also praised his chosen one, the American actress Erin Darke, who is five years older than him, for her success in motherhood.

"Harry Potter is happy to spend time with his little heir, although he does not hide the fact that it is sometimes "crazy and stressful". However, the star dad would like to spend even more time with his first child, which sometimes becomes impossible due to work.

"It's great. It's crazy and intense, but he's beautiful and Erin is amazing - it's a real honour to spend this time with him. I was always going to take a holiday, which not everyone can do, and so I get to just spend a lot of time with him and it's great. So we're having a great time," the actor said.


Radcliffe plans to devote as much time and energy to his family as possible, but he does not intend to abandon his career completely, which greatly reassured his fans, because he had previously made statements about quitting the movie.

"I don't think quitting movies is a good decision," the star stressed.

As a reminder, Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe met 11 years ago on the set of Kill Your Loved Ones. Curiously, according to the plot, they had to portray lovers and star in a bed scene. After which the actor jokingly admitted that it was after this that their relationship reached a "new level". Two years later, there were rumours of their engagement, but Erin's father denied the information. The couple are very protective of their private life from paparazzi and curious fans, so any public appearances and interviews are a real event.

On 29 June this year, it became known that the world-famous British supermodel Naomi Campbell became a mother for the second time. The 53-year-old star gave birth to a son, who was probably born to a surrogate mother. All the details are in our article. On 30 June, Ukrainian model Alla Kostromichova announced the arrival of a new baby girl. She gave birth to a daughter.

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