Hailey Bieber sets the trend! What to wear the most fashionable shorts of summer 2023 with: three looks that are easy to repeat. Photo

The most fashionable shorts of summer 2023

In 2023, the classic shorts were replaced by the so-called jorts. It is a longer, lighter and more comfortable version of the favorite closet element for the hot summer. Why have shorts gained such popularity this season? They are styled by world-famous style icons, including model and Justin Bieber's wife Hailey Bieber.

This alternative to the classic shorts fits harmoniously into any outfit, whether it's sporty chic, casual or more dressy option. OBOZREVATEL tells more about the trendy thing and shows what it can be combined with.

So, we have already concluded that the summer season 2023 belongs to jorts. Their peculiarity and difference comes with a longer pant leg than the usual shorts. Usually it ends just above or just below the knee.

Jorts also have a looser cut and unisex style. They are ideal for vacations or everyday wear, for example to work.


The main advantage of these shorts is that they are as comfortable to wear as possible. They don't expose the whole leg, but they still let the air flow well. In addition, the shorts are very versatile and go well with shirts (preferably oversized and masculine styles), as well as basic T-shirts, 00s style cropped tops, longsleeves and over-size jackets for colder weather.

Similar styles were popular in the 1980s. And today they filled the streets of the fashion capitals of Paris and Milan again. As we have already mentioned above, many famous style icons love jorts. Hailey Bieber is a true fan of this model. She showed a stylish snow-white image with low-slung shorts, which she complemented with a black belt. The combination of shorts with black sandals and white socks became the peculiarity of the image.


One of the most beautiful women on the planet, model Bella Hadid, also loves jorts. She prefers to combine this piece with trendy cowboy boots. The star wears both denim and low and high-waisted pant models.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL wrote about 5 fashion tips on how to wear linen things to look spectacular. This is the most winning option for the hot summer, in which it will be easy and comfortable for the body, but at the same time you will look stylish.

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