From tea dresses to vintage jewellery: 5 stylish items that every Parisian woman has

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Vivid images of French women.

Parisian women don't dress elegantly to impress others. It is a demonstration of self-love. They do not like excesses, fancy prints and complex patterns in their clothes. Laconic cut and minimalist design are their favourites.

Read OBOZREVATEL's article to find out what items you can add to your wardrobe to look as sophisticated and elegant as the French women. They will make your outfits sparkle with new colours.

1. Black jacket

A loose-fitting jacket (masculine silhouette) will make a simple look with a basic T-shirt and jeans look spectacular. In addition, this wardrobe item perfectly accentuates fragility and femininity. If you want to create an hourglass silhouette, tie the jacket with a belt at the waist.


2. Silk blouse

This is a must-have for Parisian women. They wear silk blouses not only to go to restaurants, but also to work or go out with friends. This item can be styled with straight-cut jeans, leather trousers or an A-line midi skirt.


3. Vintage-style top

Parisian women do not chase trendy clothes. But vintage style is their weakness. Wear a romantic blouse with puffed sleeves, jeans or a wrap skirt and pointed ballet flats or loafers. This will create a very delicate outfit.


4. Tea dress

A tea dress is a dress made of lightweight materials with a slightly fitted silhouette. It always has sleeves: from long to flirty puff sleeves. Wear this item with pumps or ballet flats. If the dress is without prints, style it with a scarf or bright accessories.


5. Vintage jewellery

This is another weakness of Parisian women. They think through every detail in their outfits. They complete any of their looks with massive vintage earrings, rings, bracelets or pearl necklaces.


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