Floral or polka dot nails? Most romantic manicure designs for spring 2023. Photo.

Romantic manicure designs will be in fashion in spring

When choosing a manicure, as well as when choosing an outfit, you need to take into account trends and anti-trend designs. In spring and summer, dreamy, delicate, and romantic designs will be in style.

In particular, you should pay attention to feminine floral patterns and laconic polka dot designs. OBOZREVATEL decided to show several options and tell you what manicure will look stylish this season (to see the photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Flowers on nails are a feminine and romantic design. Not all of these options will look fashionable, but you should definitely not neglect such images.


Very complex designs look outdated in 2023, but schematic flowers are a good option. You should also not add a lot of colours, detailing and rhinestones. It's better to focus on a few shades that are successfully combined.


Polka dot nails look stylish almost at any time of the year. Large or small - it's a matter of taste for every lady.


You should choose the colours of such a manicure carefully so that it does not look colourful and untidy. The black and white version is a timeless classic, but you can safely choose multi-coloured shades.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that a wide nail plate can be visually corrected with a certain design. In particular, to achieve this effect, you need to give up the French manicure, bright shades of varnish, large patterns and rhinestones, horizontal gradient and ombre, as well as matte tops.

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