"Eternal" classics: what is French Fade manicure and why it is chosen by fashionistas around the world. Photo

French Fade manicure

If you are a fan of the classics in nail art, but you are already tired of the standard French manicure, then take a closer look at the trendy French Fade. Millions of fashionistas around the world are already doing it, claiming that it looks much more interesting and unusual on their nails than a simple French manicure.

The main feature and difference of French Fade is the absence of a clear white stripe on the edge of the nail. Instead, there is a smooth transition between the white tip and the nude base. OBOZREVATEL will tell you more about the trendy design.


What is French Fade?

The distinguishing factor of French Fade is the mixing of two colours. As we have already noticed, there is no clear line separating the white tip from the nude base: the colours flow into each other like an ombre effect, creating a barely noticeable coating. Nail technicians describe this design as soft and delicate. The base can be translucent or pale pink, and the second shade can be cream or white.


In addition, this technique can be performed with a bright palette, just like a regular French manicure. This is especially true in the summer, when you want to add the maximum amount of colour to your look. However, fashionistas choose classic shades. This is not surprising, because the standard combination has a refined, neat, sophisticated look and fits absolutely any look.


How to do the French Fade transition?

Of course, the most important thing in this manicure is the faded effect, and this requires blending, that is, creating a gradient effect. Manicurists often use a make-up sponge for this purpose. It is perfect for "blurring" any lines. Blotting movements can help to achieve the desired result.


Sometimes, nail artists use an additional medium-toned varnish between the white (or cream) and nude base to make the transition even smoother and easier.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told what a supermodel manicure is. This is the case when the coating will suit any look, for any occasion and season. This design is a favourite among celebrities.

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