Elegance and freedom of movement: 5 summer pants that go perfectly with any outfit

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Unique looks for summer holidays

In summer you don't want to walk around in tight leggings or skinny jeans. Also do not limit yourself to skirts, shorts and dresses. There are styles of pants that are comfortable not only on cool but also on hot days. They are made of natural fabrics (cotton, linen, poplin, silk and satin) and have a loose fit or cuts.

Which pants will you fall in love with on warm days? What styles can be combined with anything? Read in OBOZREVATEL material.

1. Palazzo

These are women's loose pants that expand from the hip. As a rule, they have a high fit at the waist and visually may resemble a skirt. They make the legs look "longer" and slimmer. They best go with T-shirts, blouses, polos and cropped tops.


2. Culottes

This is a practical and comfortable piece of women's closet. On the outside, culottes resemble wide cropped skirt pants with a bigger fit. They are perfect for both tall and petite women. Loose cut corrects figure, accentuates the waist and hips.


3. Linen pants

Pants made of eco-friendly materials are able to provide absolute wearing comfort. They are hypoallergenic, repel static electricity and protect the human body from harmful radioactive rays. The only disadvantage is that they crease easily. But this can be ignored, given a number of advantages.


4. Banana pants

These are loose pants, slightly tapered at the bottom. A characteristic feature of this style is a slightly elevated waist with several pleats. With "bananas" we advise to wear open shoes, mules or sabots. Sports shoes will be inappropriate.


5. Pants made of suit fabric

Such a variant is appropriate when it is slightly cool. In the heat they will be uncomfortable. Besides classical palette, pants in bright colors like lilac, emerald, sapphire or yellow will also look chic.


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