Don't do that again! Five spring fashionistas' mistakes that turn them into "simpletons." Photo

These things will ruin your look

In spring, the hardest part is putting together an outfit that makes you look your best and feel comfortable at the same time. Temperature fluctuations and sudden rain make it hard to do that. Often we rush from extreme to extreme, dress too summery or go to June 1 in furs and leather.

OBOZREVATEL share tips and tell you what mistakes will turn you into a "commoner. You should forget about these anti-trends for at least a couple of years (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

1. A blouse tied at the hips and a short top

In spring the weather is changeable - it is often cold in the morning, but by lunchtime the temperature warms up. That's why we can throw on a sweater, which at the end of the day we carry in our hands or, tie it on our hips. This solution was very fashionable in 2007, but today it is considered bad taste. Do not repeat the mistake with T-shirts - do not tie them at the waist, turning them into a top.


2. Clothes with 3/4 sleeves

Frankly speaking, blouses or shirts with 3/4 sleeves do not look very aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they shorten the arms and draw unnecessary attention to the forearms. The best solution is to roll up the sleeves.


3. Rubber Boots.

A few years ago, rubber boots were a masthead in any girl's closet. They were at the forefront of fashion lists and protected ladies in rainy weather. But years go by and trends change. Now, wearing these boots, you will look ridiculous. If you do not want to get dirty your favorite sneakers - get a special protective shoe cover.


4.  Heeled shoes for everyday

A thin heel with a height of more than 7 centimeters is considered appropriate only for evening exits. Violation of this rule is a mauvais ton. To preserve health and save time for movement, on a normal weekday, choose flat-soled shoes or a small stable heel.


5. Animalistic print

In spring and summer, "animal" ornaments give the impression of "warming up" clothes and look a bit heavy. It is better to wear such prints in the cold season, and now choose floral motifs, stripes or polka dots. But remember, you can't combine them all at the same time.


 To find out which palette we're talking about - read our material.

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