Do not fall prey to fashion trends: 5 models of dresses that spoil the proportions of the figure

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It would seem that the dress is one of the most versatile and feminine closet items. However, if you miscalculate with the cut, material or print, you can turn the image too simple and even disfigure the figure.

What models of dresses do not suit anyone: high, low, exuberant, and slender? Read in the material OBOZREVATEL.

Velvet dress.

Velvet - a fabric made of natural silk or chemical fiber with a thick cut pile on the front side. This material, like any other dense material, visually adds extra centimeters to the figure, as well as accentuates the abdomen and hips. Especially if draperies are used in the outfit. If you can't refuse velvet dresses, give preference to a dark palette (emerald, cobalt, and black).


2. Thin jersey dress

Tunics or elongated shirts with a very loose silhouette always make the figure more voluminous, hide the waist and visually shorten the height. Replace them with a more spectacular shirt dress, with a scoop or A-silhouette.


3. outfits with a stand-up collar

Such styles make the silhouette massive, which in no way emphasizes the femininity and elegance of women. Stand-up collar and collar golf hide the neck and the chin line. We advise you to choose dresses with an oval or V-neck.


4. Dress with solid print

A solid print gives the silhouette an excessive volume. It is not only about motley patterns but also about large geometric figures. Prefer clothes without decorations and prints, or with small drawings in a calm palette.


5. Puffy sleeves.

Refuse dresses with accent shoulders and bouffant sleeves. They make the figure look large and unbalanced. If the model also has a puffed skirt, the figure is completely lost behind it. It is better to wear silhouette or semi-sheer styles, which stretch the silhouette and help you feel as confident as possible.


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