Dirt remains: the most common mistake of all housewives in cleaning

Mistakes made during cleaning

Regardless of how good your cleaning products are, one common mistake can make the whole cleaning process go wrong. Simply spraying a cleaner doesn't always work.

Cleaning expert Melissa Maker explained how to use cleaning products correctly on her YouTube channel Clean My Space. It's important to remember the basic rule: you need to give the product time to work.


When using a disinfectant product, leave the cleaner on a damp surface for two to ten minutes.

"You need to use the right product to deal with dirt. But don't forget that if you just spray the product, it can't work instantly, it needs to be left to sit," Maker explained.


Removing stains

If you have old stains on your clothes, it's not enough to just pour bleach on them and throw them in the washing machine.

Experts advise rubbing the product thoroughly into the fabric and only then proceed with the wash.

The same goes for kitchen stains, greasy ovens or dirty pans.

Spray the cleaner onto the surface and let it sit. After ten minutes, you can easily wipe off the dirt without much effort.

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