Copying the style icon: 5 retro Princess Diana looks that will never go out of style

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Be inspired by Lady Di's images.

Princess Diana's elegance, refinement and charisma made her an unforgettable figure in the history of the British Royal Family. It also established her as one of the most celebrated fashion icons of all time. Lady Di passed away in 1997. And even decades later, her images remain relevant, inspiring couturiers and designers.

In this article, we will look at several looks of the favorite of millions, which will never go out of fashion. Read more in the article by OBOZREVATEL.

1. A pleated skirt and a jacket

This image can be called one of the fashionable "long-livers". Lady Di successfully combined an emerald-colored pleated skirt with a white long jacket. Finished the image with laconic earrings and a wide leather belt. Everything is perfect here: the cut of products, color scheme and taking into account your own color type.


2. Costume with shorts

Lady Di adored suits as much as dresses. Especially in bright or pastel palettes and loose cuts. Look how well she paired a soft yellow blazer and shorts with a blue blouse, pumps, and gold heart-shaped earrings.


3. Sweatshirt and short bike shorts

Princess Diana chose a sweatshirt and cropped bike shorts for her morning runs. It was like that 30 years ago! This outfit is relevant today and, it seems, will not soon become a mauvais ton. The images where the top and bottom contrast with each other look interesting.


4. White shirt and jeans

While women in the '80s and '90s wore blouses with rhinestones, ruffles or a fitted cut (which quickly became anti-trends), Lady Di wore white or pastel blouses-oversize. And with good reason. It is these models give an image of lightness and emphasize fragility. Diana wore them with a denim pair.


5. Denim jumpsuit and t-shirt

A jumpsuit is another thing that hasn't gone out of style for years. And that is what Diana loved to wear while walking with her children. She chose models with straps and with wide trousers. And to emphasize the waist she used a tourniquet belt.


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