Beauty mistakes can ruin everything! 7 make-up mistakes you shouldn't make

Make-up mistakes can ruin your appearance

Many women see beauty treatments as a necessity, but for some beauties, make-up is a manifestation of self-love and a kind of "ritual" that awakens their confidence and femininity. It is very unpleasant when the time spent on applying make-up does not bring the desired result, because it does not emphasise natural beauty, but spoils the appearance.

To ensure that your beauty routine brings only benefits, you need to closely monitor the process and cosmetics. OBOZREVATEL has decided to tell you what make-up mistakes can ruin your make-up (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the photos).

Disproportionate eyebrows

Thin eyebrows or natural wide eyebrows are just a trend that doesn't suit everyone. For ladies with sharp features, hedgehogs above the eyes are not suitable, as they will stand out against a small nose or thin lips. It is better to choose the shape of the eyebrows with a professional, because such a gross mistake will spoil the make-up every time.


Lack of hydration

Moisturised skin is the best friend of an even skin tone. If you skip this step, the foundation will emphasise dryness and flakiness on the face.


Few make-up accents

No wonder socialites and Hollywood beauties avoid overly bright make-up with smokey eyes and juicy lips. In the world of makeup, such makeup has become an absolute anti-trend, so the emphasis should be on one bright element: lips, eyes, cheekbones, or blush.


Wrong colour of foundation

A yellow or dark tone will not create the effect of an artificial tan, but will only make your make-up look dirty. The complexion will contrast with the neck and décolleté, so you should choose your cosmetic carefully.


Excess powder

Powder will certainly mask the shine from the glossy tone and fix it, but excessive powder will emphasise all the pores on the face. Even with transparent rice powder, you should be careful.


Lot of mascara

Everyone wants to impress passers-by with a deep look and long eyelashes, but black mascara is very visible on the lashes. Especially if you tried to create a "doll" look with it. Women with blond hair are advised to look at brown mascara, and brunettes should avoid the effect of glued eyelashes.


Dark lipstick

Dark and bright shades of lipstick, if we are not talking about classic red, age even young beauties. Such makeup is easy to spoil and smudge, so it is suitable only for unique occasions, such as evening social events.


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