"Another Putin lookalike": Galkin found a fish with a human face, which was recognised as the Russian dictator. Video.

Maxim Galkin found a fish with a human face, which was identified as Putin

Russian parodist, comedian and TV presenter Maxim Galkin, who openly condemns Russian aggression and supports Ukraine, surprised and made his fans laugh with his unique discovery - he saw a fish with a human face in a pond. The showman filmed the unusual animal and shared the footage on social media, where fans immediately began to write how much the fish resembled the dictatorial president Vladimir Putin.

Now the artist and his children are in Antwerp, Belgium. The unusual fish was found on the territory of one of the hotels. The comedian posted the video on his personal Instagram page (scroll to the bottom of the page to watch).

"In the hotel garden, I saw a fish with a human face," Galkin laconically captioned the video.

In the footage released, you can indeed see a unique fish. It is probably a koi carp, better known as a brocade carp. These are decorative domesticated fish bred from the Amur subspecies, and such realism with a human face is extremely rare.


However, internet users were surprised not just by the fish's face, but by who it resembled. Witty commentators immediately began to write hilarious jokes about the poor carp, which looked like the Kremlin leader.

"It's another Putin lookalike," "The face looks familiar," "Looks like Putin is watching you," "I'd say... a face," "Let's fry it! Or let's make a soup", "He swam out of the bunker", - commentators leave.

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