Aging badly! Four hair colors to avoid after 30

Hair colors to avoid after 30

The right color for hair coloring can do wonders. Ladies after 30 can ensure a fresh and glamorous look with the help of a certain shade of dye. But making a mistake and choosing a color that will give a completely opposite result is a very common practice.

That is why OBOZREVATEL offers you to get acquainted with the shades that are better to refuse after 30. They will visually age you, emphasizing all the wrinkles and skin irregularities on your face.

Monochrome black


The deep black color, in fact, suits very few people. But the older women get, the worse this coloring looks on them. Black insidiously emphasizes all the imperfections of the skin, accentuating age-related changes. It will make any fine lines and wrinkles several times more visible. In addition, with the appearance of gray hair you will have to spend more money on a stylist: your trips to the hairdresser will become more frequent, because every gray strand will be strongly visible on the black hair. You'll have to spend more money on your hair stylist - trips to the hairdresser will become more frequent, because every grey strand of black hair will be very noticeable.

Monochrome Sandy Shade


As you know, as you get older, your skin becomes duller. By doing the coloring in a monochromatic sandy shade, you risk making yourself even paler and even grayer. Instead, try a darkened root with a smooth transition to a cool blonde.

Fiery red


Beautiful women with fiery hair color look spectacular and winning, but not all. Older ladies should not experiment with such a rich shade. Red and red emphasize pigmentation and highlight facial wrinkles.

Bright hair


Of course, if your soul demands experiments with the rainbow palette, then do not hold back. However, take into account that bright hair is a very bold, but not always justified step. For example, purple, maroon and red shades will emphasize age-related vascular problems: translucent veins, manifested against a background of thinning of the skin, couperose and other. Green, blue and yellow colors will look flamboyant, but this is hardly the effect that women after 30 look for. Status, expensive and elegant hairstyles look more harmonious on the hair of a basic natural color.

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