After promising to pay the occupiers a million rubles each: Baskov went to make money in NATO countries

Baskov went to make money in NATO countries

The famous Kremlin jester Nikolai Baskov, who demonstratively slanders the West and glorifies the terrorist war in Ukraine, does not shy away from making money in NATO countries. For example, the Putinist was recently spotted at a private party in Montenegro, where he entertained guests with his songs.

Video from the event was shared on Russian Telegram channels. In the comments, Russians began to insult Putin's famous henchman with sarcastic jokes.

The propagandists reminded that earlier Baskov had promised to pay the Russian invaders a million rubles for each Leopard tank that was shot down in Ukraine. Obviously, in order to fulfil his "noble mission", the artist has to visit "unloved" "enemy" countries.


"Nikolai Baskov, who promised to pay 1 million rubles for each tank of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that was damaged, is earning money in NATO countries. Videos of the artist's performances from a private party in Montenegro have appeared on social media," the social media outlets report.

"Still a hypocrite," "A whore, not a singer," "A natural cock," commentators said.

As a reminder, Nikolai Baskov and Grigory Leps, who fiercely support Russia's terrorist and bloody war against Ukraine, are going to pay the occupiers one million rubles (434 thousand hryvnias) for each Leopard tank they destroy. This "noble initiative" will allegedly be joined by other artists and media personalities of the aggressor country, who will sponsor the payments.

"One million roubles for those who find a Leopard tank. We, as representatives of the arts, are making our contribution to our soldiers. So that we know that they are doing it not only because it is their civic position. We do it because we want them to know that we are with them... I hope we will raise a huge amount of money so that not a single tank will be left there," the "natural blonde" said.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL wrote that Putin's henchman called Ukrainians "Nazis", but at the same time shifted the responsibility for the war to a certain "global international level". In Baskov's imagination, these abstract people are supposed to decide when to end the genocide started by his adored dictator

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