Absorb negativity and fill with energy: what indoor plants are best to keep at home

Pilea, calathea and ficus benjamina have gained fame as energy-boosting plants for a reason

It is believed that indoor plants reduce stress levels. Contemplation of living greenery relaxes and helps the body produce the hormone of happiness. It also purifies the air in the room, which is good for your health. Even without scientific data, people came to this conclusion in practice. So they explained it by the ability of indoor plants to improve the energy of the home. But which plants are the best for energy purification?

OBOZREVATEL has collected 11 plants that will bring you obvious benefits. Some of them are famous for being good air filters, while others are very healthy. And some are just beautiful, which is also a plus.


This plant is called a guide to the world of spirituality. But at the same time, it is one of the leaders in terms of its ability to purify the air from harmful gases. It is advised to place spathiphyllums in dark rooms and rooms with dark walls to revive their energy.


Cacti do not require much work to maintain and at the same time can look quite impressive, and some even bloom very beautifully. And this is where their pronounced anti-stress effect lies. At the same time, they are credited with the ability to fight feelings of depression and anxiety.


Jasmine flowers are one of the symbols of love, so this shrub is commonly associated with the ability to strengthen relationships between family members. In practice, however, the scent of jasmine flowers has a relaxing effect, so during the flowering season, it will be your reliable assistant in the fight against stress.



Bamboo is a symbol of resilience, commitment and the ability to never give up. That's because this grass regenerates quickly, even if it is cut almost to the root. It is very inspiring to see how quickly it grows. It also looks spectacular, does not require much care and fits into almost any interior.


Another name for pilea is the Chinese money plant. It is so called because of its round, coin-like leaves. This plant is undemanding in care and can grow in a beautiful cascade. For this, it is credited with the ability to direct flows of positive energy into the home.


Plants of this species are popular because they have an exotic appearance, many different types and shapes, and it seems to be easier to breathe near them. As it turned out later, sansevieria are indeed among the top effective air filters.

Ficus benjamina

Ficus Benjamina effectively absorbs all the not-so-healthy substances that new furniture or textiles can emit. Perhaps this is where its fame as a plant capable of driving away evil spirits comes from. That is why this plant is often recommended as the first to be bought for a new home or apartment after renovation. In addition, it is simply a very beautiful evergreen tree that will endlessly delight the eye and comfort the soul.



You can admire the variegated leaves of the calathea endlessly. Therefore, as a living decor for an apartment, it will be a godsend. Especially if you think that your interior looks a bit plain and depressing, the plant will add emotion even to a boring office. It is also a great natural air filter.


Eucalyptus is said to be a good protector against other people's envy and hatred, as well as to bring prosperity and financial success. It is difficult to verify whether this is true or not, but it is known that eucalyptus leaves have antibacterial and antifungal properties.


Feng shui enthusiasts attribute this succulent with the ability to balance energy flows and reduce stress levels. Indeed, a well-groomed crassula (also known as a fat woman, also known as a money tree) is pleasing to the eye and, accordingly, calms the mind. And it does not need much care. That is, its anti-stress properties are not a myth or fiction.

Golden epipremnum

Epipremnum, also known as scindapsus, is one of the champions of air purification in the home - it absorbs and neutralises all common types of toxic gases. It also requires minimal maintenance and grows quickly, which will delight impatient flower growers.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about a NASA study that identified plants with the best air-purifying ability.


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