A table "ran away" from the 1+1 hosts on air. Video of the embarrassment

An embarrassment happened during the telethon. Source: Screenshot

During a nationwide information telethon on 1+1 TV channel, an embarrassment happened. The table at which the hosts were supposed to broadcast suddenly moved away from them.

However, the professionals did not get confused and continued to cover the planned topic, standing in the middle of the studio. The video went viral and made Ukrainians laugh.

As soon as Yevhen Plinsky and Iryna Prokofieva greeted the viewers to start the military news segment, they felt the table start to roll to the side.

A table ''ran away'' from the 1+1 hosts on air. Video of the embarrassment
A table ''ran away'' from the 1+1 hosts on air. Video of the embarrassment

The anchors joked with a smile on their faces that the piece of furniture had decided to leave them and stood up from their chairs. Their phones and texts remained on the table, and the media workers continued to broadcast as if nothing had happened.

The network emphasized that the hosts did not get confused and behaved professionally, without losing focus and the topic.

By the way, this same table was also used during another embarrassment, this one involving a dog. It was on this table that the four-legged pet of a guest invited to the studio once defecated.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, this is not the first time that funny and unexpected situations have occurred during the telethon. In September 2022, a woman without pants appeared on the air when the host was talking to an Italian political scientist.

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