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Effective outfits for summer.

In the summer heat you can feel comfortable not only in dresses, skirts or shorts, but also in pants. It is only necessary to choose the right cut and material. Pay attention to loose cut models made of natural/semi-synthetic and light fabrics (cotton, linen, silk, viscose, poplin, etc.).

We tell you in the article by OBOZREVATEL about comfortable styles of pants for the warm season, which will remain topical for a long time. These images will inspire your own fashion experiments.

1. Palazzo 

These are wide pants with an elevated or standard waistline, whose silhouette extends right from the waistband and continues to remain straight. It is better to combine them with free cut shirts and blouses, tops, with things with a flat shoulder line and low-heeled shoes.


2. Culottes

This model is perfect for both long-legged and petite women. Loose cut culottes not only corrects the figure, but also emphasizes the waistline and hips. They can be worn with a top, blouse, shirt or t-shirt. It is best to create monochrome looks or in a classic palette without prints.


3. Tapered pants 

"Tapered" are pants with an inflated waist and pleats at the waist. We advise to style them with a short silhouette top, so as not to make the image heavier. With this style athletic shoes will look inappropriate. It is better to choose open shoes with a small heel, mules or sandals.


4. Classic pants

Were, are and will be relevant. They are appropriate for any time and for any situation (for walks, dates, office work, etc.). For summer it is better to choose pants made of cotton, linen, silk, viscose, poplin, etc.


5. Joggers

This is a loose cut model with an elastic band at the waist and cuffs on the pants. At first they were used exclusively for sports, namely for jogging (jogging). Now they can be combined with both sports and casual clothes.


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