6 hairstyles that suit women over 50. Photo.

After 50, you should carefully choose your hairstyle

With age, not only does your hair begin to look worse, fall out and fade, but your face changes as well. In order not to accidentally emphasise skin imperfections, you need to give up "youthful" and experimental haircuts that require strong strands and sharp features.

Unsuccessful hairstyle options will not only look ugly, but will also add years. OBOZREVATEL decided to tell you about six haircuts that are suitable for women over 50 (to see photos, scroll to the bottom of the page).


A common misconception among women of advanced age is to cut their hair as short as possible. In fact, it is the medium length that looks best on women over 50. For example, a bob does not require much time and care, but will add elegance to women.



Over the years, hair becomes thinner and loses volume, which reveals age. If you have this problem, you can solve it with a simple tousled bang, which will also cover up wrinkles on your face.


Elongated bob

Not only bangs can add volume, but also a stylish bob haircut. Its secret is that thanks to shorter back strands, the hair rises and looks thick, and elongated hair in front can disguise sagging skin.



A retro hairstyle will look equally fashionable on young girls and respectable ladies. However, for women over 50, it will also add thickness.



If you don't want to cut all your hair in layers, you can create a "ladder" effect at the temples. This will refresh the look and add volume to the front strands.


Smooth cut

If your hair has retained its beautiful appearance, texture and volume, you can simply take care of the ends. The absence of complex haircuts and styling manipulations will only play into the hands of women who want to look younger.


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