5.5 rule will help you determine what hairstyle is best for you: what's the point

Kim Kardashian and Michelle Williams

You have probably wondered more than once what length of hair is most suitable for you. A simple formula, discovered by avant-garde hairdresser and innovator John Frieda, will satisfy your curiosity and help you take a chance on a change of image.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you in detail how the 5.5 rule works. This method is easy but reliable. It will show you which hairstyle suits your face type.

The legendary English stylist John Frieda studied faces and noticed that the jawbone determines the length of hair that makes people look better. It is not difficult to calculate this. All you need is a mirror, a ruler, a pencil, and 30 seconds of time.

To check, place the pencil under your chin and the ruler under your ear, vertically. If the tip of the pencil is less than 5.5 or 5.7 cm from the bottom of the ear, you will be better off with short hair, and if it is longer, long hair is ideal.


A good example is Michelle Williams and Audrey Hepburn, as well as Kim Kardashian and Sarah Jessica Parker. The first two celebrities clearly look better with short haircuts.


But the actress who played in the TV series "Sex and the City" and the ex-wife of Kanye West have long curls.


Recently, OBOZREVATEL reported which hairstyles are best suited for short women. Try pinning your hair up with trendy hairpins, forming a disheveled bun or making a ponytail. Read the detailed instructions in our article.

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