Truck traffic stopped on the border of Ukraine and Poland: queues are growing

Traffic jams formed on the border with Poland
Traffic jams formed on the border with Poland

At the Yagodyn-Dorohusk border between Ukraine and Poland, the traffic of trucks in both directions has been hampered. The complications are related to a protest action by Polish carriers, which will last until early June. The Ukrainian side is calling on Poland to unblock the crossing point.

"In connection with the protest of Polish carriers in front of the Dorohusk-Yagodyn checkpoint, the Polish side has stopped the registration of trucks for entry and exit," the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said. According to Enkorr, the queues were not only in Yagodyn.

For example, there are fuel tanks at the Rava-Ruska-Hrebenne checkpoint. "Traffic was already difficult at this point... As of today ( May 5 - ed.), traffic has become more difficult because of the strike in Poland," said business representatives.

According to preliminary information, the strike has been agreed with the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Poland until June 3, 2023. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has already called on the Polish government to unblock the Yagodyn-Dorohusk border crossing point, as it accounts for 40% of cargo traffic to Poland.

"The situation is due to the strike of Polish carriers... We consider the strike to be artificial and contrary to common European aspirations and values. We call on our colleagues, Polish officials, to take appropriate measures to resolve the existing problem and explain to the protesters how to overcome misunderstandings," the ministry said.

The Polish protesters' demands included the return of international freight permits for Ukrainian carriers at the entrance to Poland and the application of Euro 4 environmental standards to Ukrainian carriers. However, these restrictions have been lifted in line with Ukraine's agreements with the EU.

"The Yagodyn-Dorohusk border crossing point accounts for about 40% of the cargo traffic to Poland. Blocking the border entails a critical situation for exports. Currently, our country is defending itself from the terrorist actions of Russian aggressors and the stable functioning of Ukraine's economy is an important component of the future victory," added Minister of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development Oleksandr Kubrakov.

As the Customs Service clarified, some vehicles are allowed to enter. To enter Ukraine:

  • lorries with humanitarian aid, dangerous goods and animals,
  • passenger buses.

To enter Poland:

  • buses and coaches;
  • trucks with goods in transit through Poland (still subject to escort, which has limited capacity).

These are not the first protests by Polish carriers in Dorohusk. Similar actions also took place in autumn 2022.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Ukraine and the EU have extended the agreement on liberalisation of road transport, the so-called "transport visa-free regime". It cancels the need for Ukrainian carriers to obtain permits for bilateral and transit transport to the EU.

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