Vladimir Dantes

Vladimir Dantes

Ukrainian singer and TV presenter
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Short biography

Vladimir Igorevich Gudkov (stage name: Vladimir Dantes) is a Ukrainian singer and television presenter.

Brief biography

Vladimir Dantes was born in Kharkov on June 28, 1988. He studied at the music school in Kharkov, and received his higher education at the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute.

In 2008 Vladimir Dantes won the second season of the Ukrainian reality show "Star Factory", which was produced by Noviy Channel. Together with another winner, Vadim Oliynyk, he created a duet, which was called"DiO.Movies". Natalia Mogilevskaya together with Boris Bronstein took over the production of the newly formed group.

But in 2015, after recording only one album, the group"DiO.films" broke up.

After the collapse of the band, Vladimir Dantes got a job as an announcer at the radio station "Lux.FM".

The main career of Vladimir Dantes today is built on television. So, in 2012, he hosted the program "Closer to the Body". And since 2014 and up to 2018 he was the host of a travel show with culinary themes, called "Little Giants" on the channel "1+1".

In the same year, 2018, Vladimir Dantes, as a guest star, also took part in the show of the Studio "Kvartal 95 " - "League of Laughter".

Vladimir Dantes' songs

In duet with Vadim Oleynik, Vladimir Dantes has recorded one studio album, thirteen singles, and shot twelve music videos. According to listeners and critics, Vladimir Dantes' best songs are:

  • "Olya Girl."

  • "You're in the past"

  • "I'm already 20"

Personal Life

Vladimir Dantes is married to Nadya Dorofeeva, a Ukrainian singer. Vladimir Dantes and Nadya Dorofeeva have been dating for a long time, and their wedding took place in 2015.

Online activity

  • YouTube. On YouTube, Vladimir Dantes maintains a video blog "Nadya Dorofeeva's husband", which is subscribed to by more than ninety thousand people.

  • Twitter. Vladimir Dantes' Twitter is read by almost twenty-two thousand users.

  • Instagram. The appearance of new photos of Vladimir Dantes in Instagram is followed by about three hundred thousand people.

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