"This is not what we agreed on": Orban says EU is no longer the one Hungary joined 20 years ago

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"This is not what we agreed on": Orban says EU is no longer the one Hungary joined 20 years ago. Source: Akos Stiller/Bloomberg

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that the European Union, of which Budapest became a member in 2004, is not the same as it was 20 years ago. According to him, the EU is in an economic crisis because European leaders "dragged the continent into war" by helping Ukraine repel Russian aggression.

Orban said this in an interview with a public radio station, as quoted by the Hungarian independent Telex. The Hungarian prime minister once again used Russian narratives.

"We joined the union because Europe meant peace and prosperity. Now we are in an economic crisis. The Europe we joined created more than twenty percent of the world's economic power. Now we have moved back from there, our competitors have all overtaken us, and that was not what we were hoping for. And there was also no talk of European leaders dragging the continent into war instead of peace," the odious politician said.

Speaking about the 20th anniversary of Hungary's accession to the EU, Orban added,

"The first thing to say when assessing the last 20 years is: gentlemen, this is not what we agreed on. Mom, this is not the horse I wanted."

The Hungarian prime minister also said that Russia's war against Ukraine has a negative impact on the economies of the EU countries, in particular the sanctions imposed by European states against the aggressor country.

As an example, he mentioned Germany, which was allegedly "destroyed" by the Russian-Ukrainian war as the Germans pay twice as much for energy as they did before the war when they imported gas from Russia.

In addition, Orban claims that the war has allegedly caused Hungary's economic difficulties and led to lower production and higher inflation. "Hungary's economy would have doubled if there had been no war," Orban said.

"As for the range of the Hungarian economy, we need to expand it. That is why we are also building relations with China and Africa," Orban concluded.

Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he was outraged by the fact that the West is too active in helping Ukraine. And this, in his opinion, leads to the suffering of the European middle class.

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