Pope remembers the dead children in Ukraine, but traditionally does not name the perpetrators

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Pope believes that Ukrainian children are being killed by a "whirlwind of violence", not Russia

Pope Francis has once again condemned the deaths of thousands of children in the wars currently raging in Ukraine, Gaza and Yemen. As usual, the pontiff did not name those responsible for these deaths.

According to the head of the Catholic Church, the killing of children is not the fault of specific people who unleashed the wars, but of an abstract "whirlwind of violence." The Pope's statement was quoted by Reuters.

According to the publication, in the Pope's speech, which was not read out but shared with members of Azione Cattolica, the pontiff once again condemned the deaths of thousands of children in Gaza, Yemen and Ukraine.

"Do you know how many children have died in the Gaza Strip in this latest war? More than 3,000. This is incredible, but it is a reality... In Ukraine, there are more than 500, and in Yemen, thousands over the years of war," Francis emphasized.

At the same time, the Pope once again decided not to specify who is specifically responsible for the killing of children. The deaths of the children, according to the speech, are not on the conscience of those who unleashed the wars. The head of the Catholic Church placed the responsibility for these murders on an abstract "whirlwind of violence," in essence, equating the aggressors and their victims to a certain extent.

"The memory of them (the murdered children - Ed.) encourages us to be a light to the world, to touch the hearts of many people, especially those who can stop the whirlwind of violence," the Pope said in a statement.

Earlier, it was reported that a 9-year-old boy who lost his mother and suffered burns as a result of the Russian attack on Vinnytsia met with the Pope. Little Roma from Lviv presented Francis with a commemorative bracelet and received a blessing from the pontiff.

It was also reported that in September, the bishops of the UGCC visited the Pope in the Vatican. During the audience, they told the pontiff that certain of his statements were painful for the Ukrainian people.

The bishops admitted to the Pope that certain statements and gestures of "the Holy See and Your Holiness are painful and difficult to perceive for the Ukrainian people, who are bleeding in the struggle for their dignity and independence."

They explained that Russian propaganda uses such misunderstandings to justify and support the murderous ideology of the "Russian world."

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